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Project Description
Scribe is being developed as a collaborative note taking application. It is geared towards college students who wish to take notes in a group setting and has the ability to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint slide shows as background images. (Other file types will hopefully be supported). This project is written in C# for .NET 3.0

The team's final semester at Michigan State University is over. Scribe has moved into its first beta stage at which it will most likely sit until Fall 2007 when another team of developers pick up the project and continue on what we built. There will be many minor updates over the summer, but no major releases are planned. Please download and try out our application! We will be keeping a list of known/current issues on a Discussion thread and any other issues can be posted to the Issue Tracker.

Project History
What's the motivation for Scribe? -- Scribe, in concept form, was a project designed by Microsoft(R) for Michigan State University's Computer Science Capstone class (CSE498). The project was assigned to five students with the expectation of delivering the following items in one college semester: Scribe has finally reached its first beta release! The source code that you will find posted here was for a Prototype Demonstration that the developers gave on 2/28/2007 (v0.3a), a working-code copy updated on 4/9/2007 (v0.7a) and Beta 1 released on 5/2/2007.

System Requirements
The minimum system requirements for compiling Scribe are:
  • .NET 3.0
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (any version)
To run the "fully functional" version of Scribe, you will also need:
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (for slideshow backgrounds)

Questions? Comments?
Please refer to the People tab to contact a member of the team if you have comments or questions about our project and its current status.

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